Lesson 1 – The Star Chart

Grab a pen and then begin lesson 1 by clicking on the play button.  Feel free to take notes and pause/rewind the audio as you go.

Create Your Star Chart

Most of our families are familiar with the things we have been told our children cannot do.  Unfortunately, most of the standard and traditional therapies available solely focus on this half of child development.  The Spark seeks to understand the whole child. Our starting point will be making a star chart for your child. The left half of the star chart should be the developmental profile any current therapists, doctors and/or teachers have put on the map as developmental delays. The line down the middle of the chart is your child’s age today. The right side of the chart is the half of your child The Spark seeks to develop.  For every star on the left side of the chart there is a corresponding star on the right side. We trust our parents to self evaluate these skills.  We want you to sit down and think of all the wonderful things that people have told you, or that you have noticed yourself about your child.  You can write down things that your child seems to really love, intense interests or things you may have noticed your child doing early.

Here is an example image of what a star chart could look like.


Lesson 1 Questions

Please complete the questionnaire below and then hit the “Send to Coach” button.

2) In your personal experience has anyone evaluated your child solely based on strengths before?

3) In your opinion do you feel this is missing from Autism treatment?

Lesson 1

To Do List:

  • Listen to the lessons
  • Create your Star Chart
  • Complete the Questions (and submit)