My goal is to make this information accessible to as many people as possible all over the world.  My life’s work has been discovering the gifts of each of the children I work with and there is no greater pleasure in the world than seeing them be who they are truly meant to be.

The Spark is a STRENGTH (not deficit) focused therapy which only requires 1 hour appointment a week and the cost is much lower than traditional clinics.

Intro to The Spark Method Audio Class 1

by Kristine Barnett | 1h 57m

Intro to The Spark Method Audio Class 2

by Kristine Barnett | 1h 37m

Intro to The Spark Method Audio Class 3

by Kristine Barnett | 2h 14m

Now that you have had an introduction to The Spark what are the next steps to continue learning?

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Let's Work Together

Together we can reveal our children's Spark and change the world of Autism.

It is Kristine Barnett’s mission to spread low cost , strength, based practice around the world. She partners with schools and therapy clinics and home practitioners to help move forward a positive perception of children with different learning styles. Kristine calls it her mission of love based work.

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