The Spark is an evidence based therapy developed by Kristine Barnett after working with several hundred children a year in her charity, school, and philanthropic work. It is acknowledged by the Treffert Center at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center which is world renowned as the leading world center for work with savants.

The Spark is a STRENGTH (not deficit) focused therapy which only requires 1 hour appointment a week and the cost is much lower than traditional clinics.

The method focuses on using natural childhood play, visual and kinesthetic practices, to work with children who have different learning styles including Autism , SPD, ADD and ADHD, as well as traumatic brain injury, and other developmental delays.

We have local teachers (trained directly by Kristine Barnett) in regions all around the world and local groups forming every day.  Please contact Kristine to learn how you can see your child’s Spark.

Let's Work Together

Together we can reveal our children's Spark and change the world of Autism.

It is Kristine Barnett’s mission to spread low cost , strength, based practice around the world. She partners with schools and therapy clinics and home practitioners to help move forward a positive perception of children with different learning styles. Kristine calls it her mission of love based work.

To bring her voice to your community simply contact her here.

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